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Traditional Roofing

With a wealth of experience to call on, North Birmingham Loft Conversions are able to offer assistance to clients' individual requirements on all roofing and roofing related matters.

Most roofs require maintaining from time to time. Tell tale signs of damage are water staining, daylight showing in the loft, slipped tiles and cracks in mortar. North Birmingham Loft Conversions provide a free, no obligation service where we assess if repairs are required and advise you accordingly. We repair all types of roofs whether pitched, flat, household or industrial.

If your roof is beyond repair don't worry, we are able to re-cover it at very economical prices. We can provide detailed analysis and expert advise on the condition of your roof, and suggest the best course of action for replacement roofing or replacement sections.

North Birmingham Loft Conversions provide guaranteed, top quality workmanship, and undertake major roof repairs or replacement of sections, sympathetically matching the tile type and colour to retain a uniformed appearance.

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